Monolith Disturbed

PennDesign Arch 501

Coordinator: Andrew Saunders

Critic: Lasha Brown

Fall 2014


    The two main architectural ideas I have been interested in with this project is the idea of the
Plinth as ground, and the idea of Poche and its relationships between shells and interstitial
     I became interested in the poches of Serlio and WWII bunkers, where there is distinction
between the outer shells to the inner shells. This has the potential for interesting spaces and
an interesting succession of such spaces.
Taking these ideas I explored different ways to create poches that introduce different
conditions and relationships of spaces. Exploring the poche more, I explored different
conditions that could disturb the poche in different ways to create intensified moments in the
     The massing of the project starts from a continuation of the Fisher House massing that gets
deformed to engage the river and the house.
The project sits on top of a continuation and deformation of the fisher house plinth. The plinth
reaches up to support the two separated objects, and opens in the middle creating a entry
     The spaces of the project are a system of shells within shells, or rooms within rooms, that
create certain moments of layering in the poche. These inner shells then are applied with
certain moments of distortion in the poche that correspond with the change in poche with the
outer shell with the moments of aperture.