Maritime Center

Savannah College of Art and Design

Architectural Fundamentals I Fall 2011

Critic: Jean Jaminet


The Tectonics of the model creates a convex and concave surface.  This surface then creates a hierarchy of spaces to accommodate various uses for a maritime center.  The hierarchy of the structure can be seen by the larger pieces connecting the smaller pieces to create the surface.

The concave and convex surface creates a linear path under the out reached arms of the structure.   Walking through this linear path the concave and convex surfaces continually compress and release the space creating a dynamic continuous experience.  The transformed units of structure help create the path, while also adding verticality.

The entry is created by transforming one of the units of tectonics and rotating it in two different dimensions to create a structure to lead into the path. 

By shifting one of the curved tectonic elements so that it becomes vertical it creates a tower that helps exaggerate the concave and convex surface. 

The base for the model moves vertically with the curves of the model.  The base flows up and around the model.  The model and base relate to each other with this upward curve.