Tribeca Rock

PennDesign Spring 2016

Designers:   David Harrop and Zachary Kile

Critic:  Kutan Ayata

Coordinator: Simon Kim


Tribeca rock is a speculative response to the vacant pier 26 on the west side of Manhattan. The artificiality of the site and the naturalness of rock climbing as a sport and outdoor activity, allows for the opportunity to rationally explore what that dichotomy would look like in a dense urban setting. Our design established individual bays within the overall geometry, each interior bay houses a different type of climbing environment i.e. low poly, kitbashed, soft, and whipped these bays do not conform to the exterior geometry of the building; in a sense they are new worlds.

We explored a different response for the exterior of the building. In our attempt at normalcy we developed a brick panel system that utilizes the cast bricks scale to inform climbing holds. The density, sparsity, size, and geometry of the bricks as well as the overall building geometry begin to establish patterns of difficulties for climbers.

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